The story nobody told her

Her grandfather returns to tell her a story except he doesn’t. The story he tells her doesn’t she was told wasn’t was told her by her uncle except he couldn’t have. This is that story not.

Your (her) clothes were (are) laid out by the side of her (your) bed supposition – her mother did do that sort of thing but that was later when she was older red smocked dress it was tartan white ankle socks. . . no. . .told you. . . there were (are) no clothes there was a gold angora bolero, very fluffy, got up your nose. . .while she (you) slept (sleep) goblins suspend belief if you haven’t already. . .no. . .little mice whatever took pity on her (you) because of the clothes? stitch(ed) and sew(ed) all night long and when you (she) woke (wake) your dress, her socks, your gold angora bolero oh no! all were gnawed to shreds in a symbolic way

The last she saw her uncle he was mending a plug in the hallway. How old she was she does not know. She was kept off school. There were no seat belts then.

from Root (Shearsman Books 2011)