Linda Black is editor of Long Poem Magazine. She is a poet, visual artist and dyslexia specialist. Her work has appeared in several books and anthologies, most recently Prose Poetry, An Introduction (Princeton University Press 2020), Prototype 2 (Prototype Publishing 2020) and The Valley Press Anthology Of Prose Poetry (Valley Press 2019) and in various poetry journals. Her fifth collection Then was published by Shearsman in 2021. Previous collections are Slant, Root and Inventory (Shearsman 2016, 2011 & 2008). The Son of a Shoemaker (Hearing Eye, 2012) – collaged prose poems based on the early life of Hans Christian Andersen, plus the author’s pen and ink illustrations – was the subject of a Poetry Society exhibition in 2013. The beating of wings (Hearing Eye, 2006) was the PBS Pamphlet Choice for Spring 2007, when she also received an Arts Council Writer's Award. She won the 2006 New Writing Ventures Award for Poetry and received the 2004/5 Poetry School Scholarship.