In the interim

A deer or an antelope poised in the long grass the sound of rustling as there is now plucked startled from where it does to where it does not belong a process of interruption What is all this waiting for? A bookshelf a vase of flowers (catches briefly the sunlight) the indetermination of each bloom A rocking horse rocks a picture hangs haphazard on the wrong wall All that is makeshift the lid is off in half readiness The creature thus procured may be placed against a background posed in a room for living (see above) a pattern of diamonds or some such décor a focus for elaboration on which the pencil may linger One graceful limb (almost human) crossing gracefully at the ankle the other Gaze tethered between two worlds (from now on it could go many ways) When disappointed the will is whittled away her head skewed (an old habit) There are no details: a little tipping over as if on the way This leaning left Unchecked goes on leaning To be so upturned shaken like a cellar of salt what leaks? what remains? onto what would she hold? her hair is thick and her nails are very strong It could be time (untitled) leaning moribund against her wall She wants nothing specific a gleaning out of shadow an alteration of what is what was To be guided henceforth Blossoms fall in random configurations petals curl & fade having given according to capabilities only so much pleasure The power of gentle flutterings the storm the blowing away After lines that do not twist she longs for verse Words that by chance she reads are like a distant flock of swallows scattered settled among the branches: threnody mescal aspen

from Slant (Shearsman Books 2016)